This web site is owned by heritage number plate collectors and enthusiasts. We frequent all the auctions, network heavily with buyers and sellers and follow the private market closely. If you’re looking to buy or sell Tasmanian heritage number plates we can certainly advise and assist!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I display my Tasmanian heritage number plate on my car on the mainland?
A: This is the most common question we get from a number of parties each week. The short answer is yes, pending the vehicle is registered and insured to a Tasmanian address. Strictly speaking the vehicle needs to be predominantly based in Tasmania, however there are many cars on the road in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and other areas across mainland Australia with Tasmanian heritage number plate registration.

Q: How can I have my number plate re-made in the vitreous enamel format?
A: We can assist with this process. Please contact us for a quote on your specific requirements. Please note – this format is technically for display purposes only.

Q: What is vitreous enamel format?
A: Each character is manually embossed into a heavy gauge steel plate, etched and coated with rich black and white vitreous enamel. The plate is then oven-baked to make a high gloss and durable finish. Each plate is handmade and slightly different from one another, just like they were originally made in 1932 which is what ultimately gives the plate it’s character.